Ukelele class


Class Rates & Information

Rate : 1 hour 4 times per month.
Waive registration and refundable deposit. All rate nett fee.
Once confirmed, just pay only one month lesson. If want to continue ,pay on the last lesson for the next 4 lessons. If decided to stop after 4 lessons, no obligation.
All students will have chance to perform on stage

  • Ukulele Strum & Sing (Group, Max: 4pax): $150
  • Ukulele Strum & Sing (Individual): $240

STAGE I: Basic (4 months)

  • Basic chords and strumming patterns
  • Rhythm and different strumming patterns

STAGE II: Intermediate (4 months)

  • Change fingerings without lookingChord Structures
  • Different Music Styles
  • Play various genres of music
  • Change fingerings without looking
  • Strumming and Plucking Exercises into playing chord melodies, simple instrumental solos, familiar tunes (pop, traditional)

STAGE III: Advanced (8 months)

  • Music theory learning pop songs,rhythms and techniques of song
  • Polish skills and progress smoothly chord melodies
  • Plucking different patterns
  • Play melody and solo
  • Change fingerings without looking
  • Contemporary techniques
  • Identifying keys and chords in a song
  • Arrangement and contemporary techniques
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