2009年, 木船换上了全新的LOGO, 象征着全新的旅程。
而给予我们动力前行的人, 就是“木船” LOGO 的设计师, “LOGO KING-施学艺”。
身染重疾的施学艺先生在病中仍然为木船设计多款 LOGO, 让我们深受感动。在
此, 木船向施先生致谢且致敬。与此同时也希望跟大家分享 LOGO KING 的故事,

Year 2009, TheArk has received its fateful logo. The change of logo
symbolizes a brand new journey for TheArk. And we were empowered by a
special person to continue our journey with hope. He is “The Logo King”
Berwin See Hak Gei (施学艺), the designer of our logo.

Despite being gravely ill, he still continued to design a myriad of
logos. We were greatly moved by his perseverance. Here, TheArk is
grateful to Mr See for his hard work. We salute a truly great artist.
And at the same time, we would like to share the story and legacy of
The Logo King, where they will live forever in our hearts.

A champion of Singapore LOGO design (1961-2009), Singapore.

Berwin See Hak Gei 施学艺

See earned the title as singapore’s “Logo king” because of
his prolific work in the 1980s and 1990s creating
symbols for various local corporations and
organizations. He became a household name because many
of his designs won public competitions, including the
highly publicized Total Defence logo contest.
The designer graduated in 1985 from the Nanyang Academy
of Fine Arts as part of its first batch of full-time
graphic art students. He then founded Koden Design
Consultants, which was later renamed Berwin Creation.

Competition History

1980 — Nee Soon Camp Non-Commissioned Officer Club Logo Contest (1st Prize)
1982 — The Leasing Association of Singapore Logo Contest (3rd Prize)
1983 — Senior Citizen’s Week Logo Contest (1st Prize)
1983 — National Campaign Against Glue Sniffing & Inhalant Abuse Poster Design (1st & 2nd Prize)
1983 — Dolphine Interior Design Logo Contest (2nd Prize)
1984 — Singapore Chinese Merchandise Importer & Exporter Association (1st Prize)
1985 — Total Defence Logo Contest (Grand Prize, 1st & 2nd Prize, 2 Merit Awards)
1986 — National Library “SILAS” Logo Contest (1st Prize)
1987 — Korea National Tourism Corporation Poster Design (Silver Award)
1988 — Conqueror Professional Design Award (Gold Award)
1989 — The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of People’s Republic National Emblem Design (Merit Award)
1990 — 3rd NSS Tower Peace Culture Festival Logo Contest (1st Prize)
1990 — Holland Town Council Logo Contest (1st Prize)
1990 — Bishan-Serangoon Town Council Logo Contest (1st Prize)
1991 — Conqueror Professional Design Award (Silver Award)
1992 — National Community Organisations Council Logo Contest (1st Prize)
1993 — Seletar Country Club Logo Contest
1994 — Singapore Motor Trades Association Logo Contest (1st, 2nd & 3rd Prize)
1995 — Committee to Promote the Use of Mandarin Logo Contest (1st Prize)
1995 — National Against Drug Abuse Council Logo Contest (1st Prize)
1995 — United Nations 50th Anniversary Coin Design Contest (Merit Award)
1997 — Asia-Europe Meeting International Logo Competition (2nd Prize)
1997 — Asian Expo International Logo Competition for China (Top 5)
1999 — The Millennium 2000 Logo Design (1st Prize)
1999 — The Millennium 2000 Coin Design (1st Prize)
2002 — Commemorative Coin for Esplanade (1st Prize)
2003 — Beijing Olympic 2008 Logo Competition (Top 88)