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Speedy Mandarin Research Centre of the China Academy of Management Science researches and develops the teaching materials and methods for Non-Native Chinese students to learn Mandarin effectively for daily communication and reading skills at 20 times faster the speed.
The Chinese courses of Universities in China don’t cover the Topics on how to memorize the Chinese Characters. Speedy Mandarin Ltd has invented a set of mechanism and Software   in helping Non-native learners to quickly remember the Chinese Characters through long term research on cognitive psychology and Chinese teaching and learning methods.
Using Speedy Mandarin’s methods, Non-Native learners can easily memorize over 1500 Chinese Characters within 120 hours. Everybody Can Do It.
The App encourages Non-Native learners and Players to accomplish the Chinese learning tasks and challenges through games and social platforms. You Will Be Able to Speak and Read Mandarin in 90% of the time.
Learning Mandarin was never so fun and achieve high proficiency level in short period with great self-satisfactory.
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