Li Qi

Music has been there throughout my life and I enjoy doing anything that is related it, be it singing, dancing, playing musical instrumentals or just by listening to it makes me jovial.

To me every piece of music has its own story, and I like how it is able to bring out different emotions and set various moods. Unlike movies or dramas that take few hours or episodes to convey certain ideas, a song/music only requires 3-5 minutes to alter your feelings. For one moment you might feel like trash, but with the influence of music, the next moment you might feel that it’s time to be in love. In particular, I think singing can express these emotions better since most lyrics draw imaginations in the listener’s mind,

As much as I enjoy singing, performing wasn’t my initial goal as I’m quite contented with my own stage private stage, which was either in the bathroom or occasionally, KTV lounge. It only stroked me when I turned 21 and I thought that I needed a breakthrough in my life. That day, I went home and wrote a whole list of things I wanted to accomplish before my life ends. It’s funny now I think back about my silliness and how random those thoughts suddenly came to my mind.  But, that was it “[✓] Ark audition”.

And that’s how I became a singer at The Ark music café.

Generally I sing and perform more pop and R&B songs. I truly hope to include K-pop music into that list one day!


Name: Wong Li Qi

English name: Delia Wong

Birth-date: 25/05/1991

Horoscope: Gemini

Blood type: O

Place of birth: Singapore

Education: Diploma in Interior Design, Singapore Polytechnic

Occupation:  Interior Consultant

Hobbies: Anything that is got to do with music, Watching drama/variety shows, shopping, playing with cats

Favorite instruments: Drums, Keyboard, Guitar, Erhu

Languages: Mandarin, English

Favorite Singers: Hebe Tian, S.H.E, Girls-Generations, Kim Taeyeon, BoA, Elva Hsiao, Jay Chou

Favorite music genre: K-pop, R&B, Pop, Hip-hop, Slow rock

Favorite music quote: “Music is the universal language of mankind.”  ― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow