Ark singer Janet

Janet’s Biography, 雪妮的个人档案

Name:Janet Ng 黄雪妮
Date of Birth:27 September
Horoscope: Libra

Blood type: O+

Place of Birth: Singapore

Occupation : Planning Executive

Education:Singapore Polytechnic 新加坡理工學院, DOVER ITE

Specialize:Diploma in Electronic computer Engineering,

Higher nitec in Electronics Engineering

Hobbies:Singing, self learning music instruments (Keyboard, guitar, ukulele and etc), play badminton, watch movie, composing.

Language Speaking: Mandarin, English, Hokkien.

Favorite Instruments: Keyboard

Favorite Singer: Andy Lau, Jay Chou , any singer that can 自弹自唱.

My Experience with Ark:
I am a person that like to perform very much and I have a aim that one day I must go up the stage and sing. From my friends, I knew about 木船, So I decided to go join their audition and Finally in year 2012 I did my 1st performance in 木船.

木 船 allow me to pair up with different group of Ark singers and instrumentalist, I’m glad that Ark give me opportunities to perform in school, Chinese New Year and outdoor event and many more will be coming up…

I’m looking forward to see you guys in 木船.

Thanks 🙂