Ark singer Cheryl


1) I love to eat. I live to eat. I believe food has the power to unite. I am also an occasional chef wannabe who dabbles in the kitchen from time to time.
Yes, I developed that love for food at a very young age. 2) I believe music is food for the soul. It inspires love, happiness, heartbreak, wisdom, friendship, comfort, pain, smiles, laughter, tears, life.
3) I hope to always be able to dance like nobody’s watching. It certainly gets harder as you grow older, but my wish is to always retain some spirit of carefree child-like spontaneity in life.
4) I believing in working hard for your dreams. Do not let others tell you what you cannot achieve. I am a girl who grew up playing basketball with boys. Basketball is my passion. I was a fat kid, I was not born a talented player, but I loved the game. I had to work twice as hard as others. I eventually represented my country in the sport.
5) I love travelling, meeting different people, learning new cultures, appreciating the beauty of nature, and being able to do my part to help give back to others.
After all, we live in a world filled with beauty, a beauty that can only be felt if we stop and take the time to breathe it in. Join me at the Ark and together we can take the time to relax, reflect and share our stories.
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