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The Ark was the first music cafe in Singapore to provide a platform for music amateurs to showcase their talents and share their music performance on stage. Founded in 1993, The Ark is the original home of xin yao music in Singapore. Our singers and musician often compose songs for regional artistes such as Andy Lau, Valen Hsu, Kit Chan, Stefanie Sun etc. It has been a training ground and launch pad for local stars like Chen Weilian, Kelly Pan, and Cai Chun Jia.




作为新加坡第一间民歌餐厅, 木船一直都在默默努力为年轻歌手与乐手提供一个表演平台,让他们能够更直接的为观众展现他们的才华。坚持把好音乐带给大家. 同时, 木船歌手的创作,也受到了流行乐坛的肯定像刘德华,许茹芸,陈洁仪,孙燕姿,张清芳,周蕙,蔡健雅都唱过他们的创作.在他们之中,也有非常优秀的歌手拥有属于自己的专辑像潘嘉丽,蔡淳佳等.木船希望借助音乐的力量让更多音乐爱好者有一个让他们展现才华的空间.

A place where every Music have a dream, every dream is a hope.

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